EHUB Design:  Project Control and Documentation


The original content of this work package described the development of a shared virtual space (EHUB) for the project partners for efficient reporting, documentation, discussion and task management. This original idea of the EHUB as one single platform evolved over time into several platforms with different approaches and different use and describes a dynamic concept.

The present EHUB is a virtual environment based on multiple platforms and tools (websites, Slack, Skype, calendars, YouTube etc,), each trying to give the best user experience for specific tasks and purposes. This reflects the modern usage of ICT with having multi-optional sets of applications that combine best practices into workflows.

The digital platforms that are used and aimed at at this moment can be split up by their functions:


  • Project-Management and –Steering related functions like the communication with the project management team in Vienna, this includes documentation and accounting processes.


  • Communication between the project partners: As another aim of the project is to establish a network structure between the project partners – but also in the long term additionally to Media Literacy involved stakeholders – a heterarchical structure is needed to join the more hierarchical structure, that is necessary for the project management. This communication space has to provide the technical possibility for direct exchange for a culture of open discussion, respect and emancipation.


  • (Re-)presentation of the project – and resulting outputs and outcomes – to an external public: Most of this communication will happen through the project website, presenting information about the project, the partners, our aims and achievements to the public. Next these achievements have to be transformed into an eLearning structure, which transports the Media Literacy programs.


  • Place to play and experiment: Virtual spaces, apps, social media are still in developement. They co-evolve with social change and especially generational changes. This is why the MEDLIT-partners try to be most open for these changes that already happened and will happen to get a broader understanding while developing our eLiteracy skills and competences hand-in-hand with the Media Literacy program.

Detailed Documentation

For detailed documentation of the Work Package 1.2 EHUB Design, please go to:

DHUB (as this section is for MEDLIT members only, please login with your access data) > Downloads > 07_Documents according to Work Package Structure > 1 PREPARATION – Media Literacy Preparation > 1.2 EHUB Design (Project Control / Documentation)