Final Report Meeting

University of Vienna,
Vienna 03.02. – 07.02. 2018

The Final Report Meeting was the second to last project meeting of the MEDLT Project. At the meeting three participants per Project Partner discussed the template of the Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity Building in Higher Education “Annex V – Final Report” and “Annex VI – Financial Statements”, as well as all still remaining documentation requirements and open questions about the accounting process.

The workshop was organized in work groups for every day, developing answers to certain sections and / or groups of questions of the report.


UniVie (Host Institution) 6 Participants Fritz Hausjell, Thomas A. Bauer, Michael-Bernhard Zita, Kim Karen Gößling, Fiona Slapota, Regina Außerwöger
OUNL 1 Participant Christian M. Stracke
ZU 1 Participant Marian T. Adolf
CU 3 Participants Salaithip Charuphume, Wilairuck Suntikul, Metha Sereethanawong
SWU 3 Participants Thanakorn Thongprayoon, Krich Rajprasit, Wachirapong Yaemtui
UMK 3 Participants Ibrahim Che Omar, Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad, Teo Pao Ter
UPM 3 Participants Ezhar Tamam, Sabariah Mohamed Salleh, Rosa Izyanie Shamshudeen
AJC 3 Participants Vu Thanh Van, Nguyen Thi Van Trang, Bui Thu Huong
USSH 3 Participants Trieu Thanh Le, Nguyen Van Ha, Pham Duy Phuc


According to the Work Package Lead’s and the project’s overall plan, the goals of the meeting were:

  • Discussion of the whole Final Report,
  • Face-to-Face explanation of remaining documentation needs,
  • Setting deadlines for submission of missing documents,
  • Answer to open questions regarding the Accounting Process,
  • Overview of the OUNL MOOC Evaluation Survey,
  • Discussion of Feedback on MEDLIT Network Business Plan by Rainer Svacinka,
  • Decision on Budget Shifts.

General Outcome

During and after the workshop the following general outcomes could be secured:

  • General understanding of Documentation Needs per Work Package,
  • Shared basis of possibilities for future activities of the MEDLIT Network through guest speakers,
  • Personal Reflection on the project impact on an individual level.

Important Results

The Final Conference led to the following results:

  • List of Documentation Requirements per Work Package,
  • List of Deadlines per Partner Institution,
  • First Draft of Final Report,
  • First Draft of Table of achieved / planned results,
  • Agreement on location for First MEDLIT Network Conference
  • Agreement on Budget Shifts,
  • Individual blog posts regarding a self-reflection about the project by each participant,
  • First Teaching by one representative of each partner institution regarding Media Literacy at a course of the Erasmus+ project OLIve, as a preparation for future workshops of the MEDLIT Network.

Detailed Documentation

For detailed documentation of the Final Report Meeting please go to:

DHUB (as this section is for MEDLIT members only, please login with your access data) > Downloads > 07_Documents according to Work Package Structure > 2 MANAGEMENT – Project Management > 2.3 Final Report Meeting