Based on my experience in taking part in MEDLIT project since 2016, I have found and learnt a new interest in the area of academia. First of all, this project and all the events affect me in terms of how to achieve academic collaborations between university partners, and our team members, how to manage time and complete all the assignments and how to take my responsibility in each task. Second, sometimes we as a Thai team had difficulties in communicating with other members from different countries. It is because of cultural diversity in this project and individual backgrounds, so being extrovert or introvert at the face-to-face or online meetings may be differently interpreted. However, as professionals, we were able to find out the solution for such difficulties and achieved all the tasks/assignments with an attempt to reach the main goal of MEDLIT project. Third, the experiences that I have gained from this project strengthen my academic life as the project requires responsibility, determination and time devotion for parts of the research (Delphi Study) and MOOC development. It is not easy to complete tasks without studying more in the areas of media literacy, eLearning and material design. Again, these experiences widen my knowledge in terms of media education and online course development which are new to me as my area of expertise is in English language instruction. Fourth, frequent travels to other partners’ countries lead me to more understanding of different cultures such work culture, attitudes and personal behaviours, as a result I have opened my mind and respectively reacted to the differences in the project. Finally, at the final stage of the project, the way I use media and produce messages in online media is more critical, responsible and careful. I dare to say that I am now media literate.