From the view of a person who has never ever experienced the academic world of media and communication before, this MEDLIT project is a total new world for me. Joining this project has shaped me in many ways.

First, this project provides a great opportunity of meeting and working with people from the other countries. Thus, I have developed my skill to collaboratively work with other people. Also, the MEDLIT meetings and the workshops facilitated me to improve my presentation and public speaking skills through the idea sharing and discussion activities. Additionally, I have gained the problem-solving skills from all the challenging tasks that were related to the MOOC development. I have also developed my skills in working in the academic environment with many great academic people from Austria, Germany, Malaysia, Vietnam, and also from Thailand. Without attending this project, I would not have a great chance to build these international friendships.

Moreover, the most important life lesson that I have gained through MEDLIT project is respecting other cultures. I have learnt that each nation has its own style of working and also living. Individuals are different and differences make beauty. I learned that understanding the differences and the social adaptation is the key. It is one of my lifelong lessons as a citizen of the world.

I have gained knowledge of media content, and the production of MOOC. Attending the project is like taking a course in media and technology in which I could learn about the media, media literacy, and ICT. Also, it is like the practicum that provides me the opportunities to produce videos using the programs and learned the production techniques and works. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude here for the valuable knowledge that I could further apply in my profession. Due to my interest in applying the technological tools, I could apply what I have learned from UMK (about the online presentation applications), and OKTO about the video production to create the online learning or MOOC for my English language students.

The students in this generation use the online materials as references for their assignments. Thus, the concept of the media literacy is needed for the students to know especially the content of verifying the truth in information. Importantly, the concept of the social media literacy and awareness need to be taught to the students. Therefore, I am interested in integrating the concepts of media literacy in the English language classroom, since I believe that it is useful for my students in both their personal and their educational life.