MEDLIT project was a great opportunity for me to participate in designing and spreading the curriculum and online teaching content in the field of media literacy for the students in Vietnam. In the digitalized society nowadays, being able to access, to understand, to create, to evaluate and to disseminate the information appropriately is a vital competence for the civic society and I am glad to be a part of the driving force of this capacity building process.

Throughout the project, I have been working with experts from different institutions from Europe and Asia in the field of media literacy research and ICT teaching. These collaborations have been fruitful for me to adapt my experiences to the international and intercultural standardized requirements.

Last but not least, thanks to the MEDLIT project, I have been improving my competence in project management and in coordinating with diversified stakeholders locally and internationally regarding many aspects from academic to practical dimensions. These valuable learning encourages me to go for further international cooperation in the future.