When I first attended the lecture about Media Literacy project by Professor Thomas A. Bauer, MEDLIT Scientific Coordinator from University of Vienna, I found that it was interesting and I was eager to explore more about it. Honestly speaking, I must admit that media literacy was a little bit outside of my general interests, because my expertise is advertising, marketing communications and consumer behaviour, but having partaken in the project I have now realized its many possibilities in our society.

At present, I have integrated media literacy into my research area, I have already applied for a research grant to research media literacy among Thai senior citizens and to design a media literacy program to improve their quality of life. That is how the project affected my academic life.

However, due to the fact that the length of the project is quite long, actually it is longer than I expected, I felt frustrated during the last period of the project, because there is another research project and other commitments that I am responsible for. Traveling is fine for me because it gives me opportunities to experience new places, new people and new cultures, but the period of some workshops and meetings were a bit too long, it might have been better if they could have been reduced.

Intercultural cooperation might be exhausting, but it is worthwhile listening to diverse ideas and experiences. I have gained more confidence and enjoyment working in this context. The knowledge and skills that I have learned from this project will be beneficial for me in MOOC development for my own course.