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Krich Rajprasit | SWU

Based on my experience in taking part in MEDLIT project since 2016, I have found and learnt a new interest in the area of academia. First of all, this project and all the events affect me in terms of how to achieve academic collaborations between university partners, and our team members, how to manage time [...]

Teo Pao Ter | UMK

I was introduced to UMK Media Literacy (MEDLIT) in January 2017 as Technical Member UMK by MEDLIT Project Coordinator Prof. Dr. Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad. Wow… Being a researcher with a background in science and technology, this is a totally new experience, a new dimension, a new challenge for me! I was thinking, am I [...]

Nguyen Thi Van Trang | AJC

The project Media Literacy for Social Change has left a great impact in my life. Having a MA in Project Management, nevertheless, this is my first time participating in a Capacity Building Project in education. I had a chance to meet all professionals from regional and international universities, learn the management methods from Vienna coordinating [...]