Meet the faces behind MEDLIT.
This page is in progress and collects numerous personalities of the MEDLIT core team – a project can only be as good as its team!

University of Vienna, Austria

Coordination Partner | Website

“As MEDLIT Project Coordinator and Deputy Head of the Department of Communication at UniVie I am very proud to implement and lead this project. It brings together people from different cultural and professional backgrounds, who bring in their best ideas and thoughts in order to work on a socially important issue.”

Fritz Hausjell
Project Coordinator, University of Vienna

“The topic of our project is very close to my heart, as I have worked on a theory for media literacy for a long time and MEDLIT allows us to implement these thoughts into the society where they can create social change.“

Thomas A. Bauer
Scientific Coordinator, University of Vienna

“The MEDLIT project was born out of a decision: If you want people to understand the world, you have to show them how and why media construct stories and perspectives. So, either you do that with passion AND active communication OR hope that it get better on its own. I’m not the hope guy.”

Michael-Bernhard Zita
Project Manager, University of Vienna

“What I like the most about the MEDLIT-project is working with an inspiring group of people, learning more and more everyday about different approaches on media usage and participation…”

Kim Karen Gößling
Project Manager, University of Vienna

“The MEDLIT project gives me the great opportunity to work as a student in an intercultural team, consisting of inspiring and interesting people, and with the socially emerging topic of media literacy, that gets more and more important these days.”

Fiona Slapota
PR and Workshop-Assistant, University of Vienna

“I like working for MEDLIT, as it is an intercultural project that allows insights into other cultures, working and living environments – I have always been interested in that and it enriches my own (working) life. Furthermore, I have the nicest colleagues in the world!”

Regina Außerwöger
Back Office Assistant, University of Vienna

Open University of the Netherlands

Project Partner | Website

“MEDLIT is a unique opportunity to combine quality improvement and media literacy in online learning: As ICDE Chair in OER and professor at the Korean National Open University and East China Normal University, I’m happy to share my experiences to the design, realization and evaluation of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Asia. And I’m very pleased to closely collaborate with our partners in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam: We are developing, providing and assessing international MOOCs on key media competences for better online courses and media literacy worldwide.”

Christian M. Stracke
Open University of the Netherlands

“The EU supported MEDLIT project offers a unique opportunity for international collaboration to bring new theoretical concepts on media literacy competence development into innovative teaching practices. Quite a challenge! It is great to experience how we moved from a network of individual experts at the start to an engaged and productive MEDLIT team realizing three MOOCs customized to the specific needs of the partners’ societies. ”

Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema
Open University of the Netherlands

The MEDLIT project offers me the opportunity to see how the project is managed by the coordinator. It is very helpful as the Open University of the Netherlands has become the coordinator of another CBHE-project.

Marlies Timmermans
Open University of the Netherlands

“I have been working on the sideline of the project, just some technical stuff. Nice project, nice people!”

Wim Slot
Open University of the Netherlands

“The MEDLIT project offers a unique possibility to come together with colleagues from all over the world and to jointly tackle the challenges that result from rapid changes in our media environment. Building and exchanging knowledge with our partners in academia, the media and other stakeholders is a great opportunity: it allows us to expand our own intellectual horizon and to learn about the cultural plurality that characterizes human sociality. At the same time we find that we all share the same challenges, as our societies become increasingly mediatized. Working together to strengthen media literacy as a key competency for our day and age is truly a global and highly topical venture.”

Marian Adolf
ZU-Project Manager, Zeppelin University

“The project is a fascinating combination of scientific and cultural exchange along with scientific cooperation. The basic building blocks for this international project are the understanding of the culturally specific social embedding of media and the mutual understanding of the perspectives on media and media literacy. An extremely topical issue in today’s media society! Working together with great colleagues on the shared vision of media literacy is highly demanding and at the same time extremely enriching.”

Cornelia Wallner
Lead of the Delphi Study, Zeppelin University

“Within today’s media societies it becomes more and more important to enable individuals to participate in public discourse and playing an active role within mediated social communication, by promoting media literacy as a crucial competence for societal participation. The MEDLIT project offered a great opportunity to comparatively research on knowledge and skills that are important for individuals to become media literate in different Southeast Asian media cultures and societies. For me, this is not only a great opportunity to work in an intercultural research team, but to learn about new (media) cultures and to promote media literacy on a global level.”

Susan Alpen
Zeppelin University

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Project Partner | Website


Jirayudh Sinthuphan
CU-Project Leader, Chulalongkorn University


Wilairuck Suntikul
CU-Project Manager, Chulalongkorn University


Phansasiri Kularb
Researcher, Chulalongkorn University


Metha Sereethanawong
Researcher, Chulalongkorn University

“A Paradigm Shift!”

Puckpilai Khuptawathin
Researcher, Chulalongkorn University

“A life-changing event!”

Sarayut Kulrach
Technician, Chulalongkorn University

“Our legacy to the society!”

Jatuporn Suwansukhum
Technician, Chulalongkorn University

Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand

Project Partner | Website

“Taking part in MEDLIT project enlightens me to integrate Language, Culture, and Media Literacy together for the benefits of teaching, learning, and researching in the changing society. Through the lens of interculturalism, it has always been intriguing and rewarding to work and have connection with international colleagues and professionals.”

Thanakorn Thongprayoon
SWU-Project Manager, Srinakharinwirot University

“I dare to say that MEDLIT project would be one of the academic groups which creates a strong impact and a marked change in our Southeast Asian region in terms of developing media literacy and enhancing human potential.”

Krich Rajprasit
Researcher, Srinakharinwirot University

“I can say that I have no regrets about my decision to join MEDLIT project because I gain a lot of knowledge about media literacy. At the beginning I wasn’t aware of how social media can create negative impacts on our society but I am now more concerned about such impacts. I am sure that MEDLIT can help me fulfill my dream of creating media literate communities.”

Wachirapong Yaemtui
Researcher, Srinakharinwirot University

“I first got into the MEDLIT project for my new experiences. Little did I know about media literacy. Since the beginning, the MEDLIT project has given me more than I expected. One important thing is how I help raise the awareness of media literacy of the people around me.”

Supaporn Kulsitthiboon
Researcher, Srinakharinwirot University

“As a novice in this filed, but with a great concern of appropriate receive of the media by people, this MEDLIT project has interested me to join. The reason behind is not only to enhance the media literacy among Thai people, but it also gives me a chance to learn about the other cultures in terms of life, work and media.”

Patricia Visser
Researcher, Srinakharinwirot University

“21st Century skills include critical thinking and communication skill and these are truly significant for people to live the world of diversity as a global citizen. Being media literate is required for those who will live happily in the changing society. I strongly believe that MEDLIT output will help enhance them to have a certain level of media literacy.”

Jamjumrat Deeprom
Technician, Srinakharinwirot University

“The main reason why I accepted to join in this MEDLIT project is that I always see the importance of media and communication that leads to understanding of both local and global communities. We cannot live without media.”

Chuenjit Athiworakun
Technician, Srinakharinwirot University

“Not many people can have this amazing chance to develop themselves to be better-rounded through researching and learning at the same time. Moreover, sharing and getting perspectives from MEDLIT people with different cultures widens my views and thoughts.”

Ruj Luecha
Technician, Srinakharinwirot University

University Malaysia Kelantan

Project Partner | Website

“Media brings new paradigms on how people see the world and their connectivity.”

Dato’ Ibrahim Che Omar
UMK-Project Manager, University Malaysia Kelantan

“If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not being inspired or not networking, then you are not media literate.”

Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad
UMK-Project Coordinator, University Malaysia Kelantan

“I almost burst with rage. Every time a company is thrown into it, its keeper asks them. Did there not come to you or warner? Yes, a warner had come to us – It is literacy in media. Media literacy in this millennial area is like a sea of information, borderless and we did not aware which information is false and which is true. It is our listening and reasoning.”

Raja Suzana Raja Kasim
Researcher, University Malaysia Kelantan

“An amazing and brilliant project that gathers around experts that share views and visions on the completion of MEDLIT Project.”

Suria Baba
Researcher, University Malaysia Kelantan

“Working with international collaborators in this project opens more potential professional collaboration in the area of communication, which has been with me for more than 20 years and many more years to go with more network.”

Mokhtarrudin Ahmad
Researcher, University Malaysia Kelantan

“MEDLIT project is an excellent research platform for international collaboration and partnership in stimulating the significant social change in the society. Honestly, I am very proud to be a part of this team.”

Zailani Abdullah
Researcher, University Malaysia Kelantan

“MEDLIT Project is a great platform to expand my networks and linkages with international researchers.”

Teo Pao Ter
Technician, University Malaysia Kelantan

“MEDLIT project gives me the opportunity to share our MOOC knowledge globally.”

Mhd Hafiz Karami Mhd Zain
Technician, University Malaysia Kelantan

“World today provide us the information more convenient and practically via media literacy program. The knowledge may access just on finger licking good, ubiquitously and wisdom.”

Mohd Hafizie Suhaimi 
Technician, University Malaysia Kelantan

“MEDLIT project provides great opportunity for me to engage and collaborate with administrative department of international funding agency and worldwide universities, i.e. European Union ERASMUS+, University of Vienna, etc.”

Nurul Ashikin Lukman
Administrative Staff, University Malaysia Kelantan

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Project Partner | Website 

“It is a challenging but rewarding experience working in this international project. As UPM MEDLIT team leader, the MEDLIT project offers me to connect and learn from wonderful members of the partner institutions on this important educational/social agenda”

Ezhar Tamam
UPM-Project Manager, Universiti Putra Malaysia

“I believe that it is important to inculcate the concept of media literacy, especially among adolescents. The society, especially young people, should be equipped with critical thinking skills which will lead them to be an active audience – one who is sceptical and able to sieve through an information before forming an opinion. The ability to analyse, evaluate and create media content responsibly, in my opinion, will empower individuals, create social change and contribute to nation building.”

Sabariah Mohamed Salleh
Universiti Putra Malaysia

“Being a member in the MEDLIT project is indeed a very fun, exciting as well as rather challenging task. I truly enjoy working together with members from the other countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Austria, Holland and Germany. MEDLIT gives me excellent exposure and opportunity to understand what Media Literacy really means and the workshops enable me to gain first hand knowledge and experience in the production and editing as well as developing ideas for the project.”

Mohd Nizam Osman
Universiti Putra Malaysia

“It is a great opportunity being one of the members of this big educational and social project. It really enhances my capacity as an educator and researcher by working with the wonderful and diverse international members.”

Wan Anita Wan Abas
Universiti Putra Malaysia

“The advantage to be one of the members in the MEDLIT project is the opportunity for me and for all members to learn from each other. Based on my experience working on a variety of teams that have diverse skills and knowledge gave me great innovative ideas and experiences.”

Akmar Hayati Ahmad Ghazali
Researcher, Universiti Putra Malaysia

“Being part of the MEDLIT project gives me a good opportunity to work in a different environment and have the chance to collaborate with other nations’ partners. This research provides wholesome experience and conducive learning atmosphere that enhance my capability and expertise as an academician and researcher.”

Rosya Izyanie Shamshudeen
Researcher, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Academy of Journalism and Communication, Vietnam

Project Partner | Website

“I’m very happy to be involved in this project. It has broadened my mindset and vision about media landscapes in other countries, given me the chance to improve my skills in media production and online learning techniques. I sincerely send my thankfulness to all the professors, journalists and team members of the MEDLIT project.”

Dinh Ngoc Son
Academy of Journalism and Communication

“Media connects society. Media culture and education are the foundation for enhancing media literacy of each individual and organisation toward social development.”

Ha Huy Phuong
Academy of Journalism and Communication

“It is my pleasure to be part of this meaningful media literacy project for social development. We work hard with each other to improve public understanding of media and enhance their media knowledge and skills, which we believe is an essential quality and value for the media society. It’s truly a learning journey.”

Vu Thanh Van
AJC-Project Manager, Academy of Journalism and Communication

“I love how stories get twisted sometimes by communication but we can still read between the lines and see them through. The idea of giving people that ability, the best of knowledge and colleagues that I can get from this project, are all very inspiring.”

Nguyen Thi Van Trang
Academy of Journalism and Communication

“Thanks to MOOCs, I gained a lot of advanced computer skills and valuable international teaching experiences. I am so proud to be a part of this project!”

Tran Thi Phuong Lan
Academy of Journalism and Communication

“This project has inspired the teams in outstanding universities in a developing region to form a better foundation for the next generation of lecturers, students and even citizens in Media Literacy. The experiences of working with other elite partners from the Southeast Asian and EU nations foster the development of each member’s personality and professionalism.”

Phan Minh Duc
Academy of Journalism and Communication

“MEDLIT has given me the opportunity to improve my research, to meet many colleagues from different countries, to study and share with them the professional experiences and to understand more about media literacy in some countries. This helps me a lot for my work in the future. Thanks MEDLIT!”

Nguyen Thi Truong Giang
Academy of Journalism and Communication

“MEDLIT has been a journey of enlightenment for myself. Through it, I have become more aware of who I am, what I am meant to be and how I can contribute to construct a more inclusive, equitable, democratic and civilized society.”

Bui Thu Huong
Academy of Journalism and Communication

University of Social Sciences and Humanity Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Project Partner | Website

“Thanks to the MEDLIT Project, I have the opportunity to work with wonderful partners in Europe and Asia to contribute for enhancing media literate societies. I am also grateful for what I have learnt from the project about media cultures and new techniques in building the media literacy massive open online course.”

Trieu Thanh Le
USSH-Project Manager, University of Social Sciences and Humanity Ho Chi Minh City

“The MEDLIT project gives me a deep, comparative insight into the press and media system in Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand … After participating in the training courses of the project, I have inspiration to renew my lectures! ”

Doan Huu Hoang Khuyen
University of Social Sciences and Humanity Ho Chi Minh City

“MEDLIT helped me redefine the meaning of sharing. The project was also helping me with the methods of sharing and understanding. As a lecturer, MEDLIT gave me the opportunities to learn from my international colleagues, especially about MOOC skills.”

Phan Van Tu
University of Social Sciences and Humanity Ho Chi Minh City

“Joining the project is a great experience for me, having opportunity to work with international colleagues and visiting TV stations in many countries, so that I have more knowledge and experience to transmit to students. This is also an opportunity for me to be able to contribute more to the society in terms of communication.”

Hoang Xuan Phuong
University of Social Sciences and Humanity Ho Chi Minh City

Wiener Zeitung, Austria

Associated Partner

“International networking, openness for innovation and creativity will be essential topics to challenge worldwide global and digital changes. But the crucial element will be a successful knowledge transfer within the different social societies. MEDLIT is the ideal platform to reach these goals.”

Wolfgang Renner
Advisor Science Marketing, Wiener Zeitung