Ensuring the project’s quality

The quality plan is a major part of the project’s sustainability. Within the project structures we try to maintain close and transparent contact to all the partners in order to prevent misunderstandings or mistakes in planning. For this purpose we use the App Slack that allows us to ask and answer within direct messages but also in groups, which makes processes, changes and developments transparent and easy to follow for everyone.

On the other hand we collect all documents used and shown throughout the project and its activities on our DHUB on this website (only accessible for project members) to have a base for the accounting processes but also as an “information pool” to follow all steps taken. To assure quality through mutual understanding we always implement new presentation techniques, such as videos or narrated presentations, when it seems useful.

With its operable activities, the Expert Board Evaluation and the Expert Board Input, our project points out the importance of the opinions and views of project external experts. Therefore, three selected experts from different professional fields will get access to all our documents, visit the partners at one of our events and then give a feedback on the project’s quality.

All the mentioned actions are designed openly undergo changes whenever we see better options to assure the project’s quality.