The Kick-Off-Meeting was split into two events, as the Vietnamese partner Universities were not able to attend the official Kick-Off-Meeting in Heerlen due to visa problems…

Kick-Off-Meeting Heerlen

Open University of Netherlands
Heerlen, 22.02. – 26.02.2016

The Kick-Off-Meeting was planned as the first meeting of all MEDLIT project partners. Due to visa issues partners from Vietnam (AJC & USSH) could not attend this meeting. An additional Kick-Off-Meeting was held in Vietnam (exclusive for Vietnamese partners) in order to bring the concerning partners to the same understanding of the project’s aims.

The meeting’s aims were to get to know each other within the whole project team and sharing information about the project structure as well as the use of management and controlling tools. Additionally, the MEDLIT members from the meeting’s host OUNL (Open University of the Netherlands) gave an introduction to E-Learning and the basic design of the first Phase of the planned Delphi Study was developed within the project team under the lead of ZU (Zeppelin University).


UniVie 3 participants Thomas A. Bauer, Michael-Bernhard Zita, Kim Karen Gößling
OUNL (Host Institution) 2 participants Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema, Wim Slot
ZU 2 participants Marian T. Adolf, Cornelia Wallner
CU 2 Participants Jirayudh Sinthuphan, Phansasiri Kularb
SWU 2 Participants Thanakorn Thongprayoon, Krich Rajprasit
UMK 3 Participants Ibrahim Che Omar, Suria Baba, Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad
UPM 2 Participants Ezhar Tamam, Sabariah Mohamed Salleh


According to the proposal the meeting’s goals were:

  • Introduction of all partners,
  • Introduction to project structure and project management plan,
  • Theoretical understanding of the project’s aims and content,
  • First introduction of E-Learning systems,
  • Developing basic design of Delphi Study Phase 1,
  • Plans for further steps of the project.

General Outcome

The meeting led to the following general outcomes:

  • Basic and shared understanding of the project aims and structures,
  • Information about the different and the shared partners’ expectations and perspectives,
  • Better understanding of media as an environment of and for social & societal life,
  • Shared standards for workflow within the whole project consortium,
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of E-Learning,
  • Base for development and implementation of Delphi Study Phase 1.

Important Results

The Kick-Off-Meeting led to the following results:

  • Project Management Manual,
  • E-Learning introduction,
  • Basic Design of the Delphi Study,
  • Plan for further steps of the project.

Kick-Off-Meeting Vietnam

University of Social Sciences and Humanities
Ho Chi Minh City, 18.04. – 21.04.2016

Due to the fact that the Vietnamese universities could not attend the original project’s Kick-Off-Meeting at the OUNL in Heerlen in February 2016 because of Visa problems, Cornelia Wallner (ZU) and Thomas A. Bauer (UniVie) arranged a second Kick-Off-Meeting with the members of the teams of USSH and AJC in Vietnam. The workshop’s aims were to introduce the team members and the project structure itself. By briefing the topics of the Kick-Off-Meeting in Heerlen (cf. Agenda) the project ensured the same level of information amongst all project partners. Besides the general information of the project aims, structures and framework, the workshop was used to introduce the approach of the Delphi Study. Facets and dimensions about Media Literacy and the Media System in Vietnam were discussed and first ideas on items and questions for the 1st Delphi wave were found. To ensure the Delphi Study’s correct procedure, important aspects within the Delphi Methodology were presented.


UniVie 1 participant Thomas A. Bauer (Scientific Coordinator)
ZU 1 participant Cornelia Wallner (Lead Delphi Study)
AJC 2 participants Vu Thanh Van
Nguyen Thi Viet Nga
USSH Host institution
4 participants
Trieu Thanh Le
Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet
Huynh Minh Tuan
Huynh Van Thong


According to the workshop’s/meeting’s purpose to bring the project teams on the same level of information around the project itself and start the process of the Delphi Study Phase I, the goals of the workshop were as follows:

  • Introducing the project structure and the other team members to the Vietnamese colleagues,
  • Informing the Vietnamese teams about the “official” Kick-Off-Meeting in Heerlen,
  • Giving an overview of the work already done,
  • Disseminating, discussing and sharing the theoretical knowledge about the procedure of Delphi Methodology,
  • Shaping the framework and requirements for the start of Delphi Study Phase 1 in Vietnam.

General Outcome

According to the feedback during and after the workshop, the meeting was successful. The general results were:

  • A shared understanding of the project’s aims, structure and framework,
  • A general theoretical understanding of media literacy, media system and media culture,
  • First exchange on the requirements and framework of the Delphi Study,
  • A consensus on the further procedure of the Delphi Study Phase 1.

Important Results

The workshop led to

  • First ideas of national particularities in Vietnam in terms of the discussed facet of Media System,
  • A first template for a questionnaire,
  • Discussion on relevant stakeholder for Vietnam,
  • Schedule for the 1st wave, based on national requirements,
  • Plan for further steps and concrete dates for virtual meetings regarding Delphi Study Phase 1.

Detailed Documentation

For detailed documentation of the Kick-Off Meeting in Heerlen, please go to:

DHUB (as this section is for MEDLIT members only, please login with your access data) > Downloads > 07_Documents according to Work Package Structure > 1 PREPARATION – Media Literacy Preparation > 1.1 Kick-Off Meeting > 201602_OU_Kick-Off-Meeting


For detailed documentation of the second Kick-Off Meeting in Vietnam, please go to:

DHUB (as this section is for MEDLIT members only, please login with your access data) > Downloads > 07_Documents according to Work Package Structure > 1 PREPARATION – Media Literacy Preparation > 1.1 Kick-Off Meeting > 201604_USSH_Vietnam Kick-Off