Project Controlling Implementation


This work package was strongly dominated by a coordinator travel from the Scientific Lead, who visited each Partner University in South-East-Asia in March and April 2016. The aim of this travel was to strengthen the relationship to the local Higher Education Institutions administrations and help to identify possible problems.

Coordinator Travel | Kick-Off-Meeting Vietnam

AJC, Hanoi 22.03. – 26.03.2016
SWU, Bangkok 5.04.2016
CU, Bangkok 07.04. – 08.04.2016, 22.04.2016
UMK, Kota Bharu 11.04. – 12.04.2016
UPM, Kuala Lumpur 13.04. -15.04.2016
USSH, Ho Chi Minh City 19.04. – 20.04.2016

One month after the project’s official Kick-Off-Meeting at OUNL in Heerlen, Netherlands, Prof. A. Bauer, the Scientific Coordinator, travelled to all MEDLIT partners to assist the implementation of the project there. During this time, shared understanding of the concept of Media Literacy could be developed and strengthened, as well as discussions about cultural, political and academic differences could be brought forward, in order to assess possible difficulties and find ways to harmonize different interests. The time at the particular institutions was also used to activate potential stakeholders and shape interest for the top- ic of Media Literacy through open presentations.


In the whole travel the Vietnamese partners had a special role, as to the extend as they could not take part in the official Kick-Off-Meeting in February 2016. Therefore, time from the Coordinator’s Visit was used by Prof. Bauer and Dr. Wallner (ZU) in order to bring AJC and USSH on the same level of the project status. Here, project management topics as well as comprehensive and structural topics about the Delphi Study were discussed.


UniVie 1 Participant Thomas A. Bauer (Scientific Coordinator)
ZU 1 Participant  Cornelia Wallner
CU 2 Participants
SWU 3 Participants
UMK 5 Participants
UPM 5 Participants
AJC 7 Participants
USSH 4 Participants


According to the general mission of the project, to establish an inter-culturally mindful and scientifically meaningful media literacy learning system, the goals of the workshop should be:

  • Carry out a small Kick-Off-Meeting for the Vietnamese partners, as they could not attend at the original Meeting, in Heerlen, Netherlands, in February 2016, in order to bring all partners on the same level of understanding for the project’s conception, procedures and aims;
  • Clarifying the concept of Media Literacy by Prof. Thomas A. Bauer (theoretical frame, educational intention, models of practice in media and educations systems) and developing a shared understanding for the project’s status within academia;
  • Implementing the project on an administrative and official level on-site at the Universities;
  • Clarifying open questions about the Delphi Study and its process;
  • Disseminating the project and shaping awareness for its aims amongst potential stakeholders and future partners;
  • Creating a shared understanding of the project’s components: Delphi Study, Events, MOOC, etc.

General Outcome

During and after the visits to the partners, the following general outputs could be observed:

  • Awareness of all partners towards culturally and politically determined necessities of the harmonization of educational/academic systems with political intentions for media, education, science and societal development,
  • Activation of interested persons and potential stakeholders towards the project,
  • Understanding of the project’s aims, procedures and components,
  • Same Level of project status for the Vietnamese institutions after the small Kick-Off-Meeting at their Universities,
  • Commitment for the project, expressed by official representatives of the Universities,
  • Shared concept of the Delphi Study and the involved questionnaires.

Detailed Documentation

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