Expert Board Evaluation & Input


The use of the External Board Input and Expert Board Evaluation evolved during the changes in the workshop structures, which places on expert per workshop. This way the contents of the work packages 3.2 and 3.3 conglomerate with one another.

At this point of the time the external expert board consists of three experts from transdisciplinary scientific fields such as Political Studies, Media Ethics and Social Change. In doing so, they provide external views to the project partners in terms of a quality control tool. The regular qualitative feedbacks are planned as 6 reports, twice by every expert, three times per project year. In order to deliver the reports, the external experts get access to all project reporting and can even visit partners – at the end of the project a final audit is scheduled. Their expertise is essential to the quality plan, since the experts are able to broaden the partner’s understanding of their work on a societal level of wider objectives.


Anton Pelinka (AT) – Political Studies

Prof. em. University of Innsbruck, now professor for political sciences and studies on nationalism at the Central European University Budapest, published relevant books and research reports on democratization and socio-political development. Anton Pelinka visited the MEDLIT partners during the TtF Workshop Media Emancipation in Vienna, May 2017.

Ibrahim Saleh (EG) – Social Change

Associate Prof. at Nile University in Egypt, after having taught at the American University of Cairo and the Centre for Film and Media Studies in Cape Town, has visited the partners as an expert in the field of communication and media studies during the Higher Education Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, November 2016.

Aidan White (UK) – Media Ethics

Long time Secretary General of European Journalism Association, now director of EJN (Ethical Journalism Network) Brussels, a worldwide network of media-related and ethics-related organizations, NGO’s, institutions. He is an international and well-known expert, involved in ethical councils and centres for media excellence and quality.


Tom Law (UK) – Media Ethics

Director of Campaigns and Communications at the EJN (Ethical Journalism Network) since 2015, former freelance journalist specialised in the coverage of Sudan and South Sudan, associate editor of Sudan Tribune and Head of Communications of Childreach International. Tom Law has visited the MEDLIT partners as an expert in media and journalism ethics during the TtF Workshop ICT & Social Change in Bangkok, October 2017.