Form Media Literacy Network


The South-East Asia Media Literacy Network will be an organization with the aim to promote Media Literacy in South East Asia, beginning with the three partner countries participating in the project: Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The network will coordinate the cooperation between Universities, Stakeholders (especially Media Professionals) and Players of Civil Society, that were mostly already contacted during the Delphi Study, that was conducted during the project. The activities of the Network should, on one hand, focus on projects, similar to the MEDLIT project – on the other hand, on training programs and activities. The network should also operate as a platform, so that members can find each other to collaborate together in any kind of projects and activities for the promotion of media literacy.

In difference to the proposal the focus of the activities should occur in the participating partner countries and the European project partners, especially the scientific coordinator will only be involved as advisors during the constitution phase and beyond.

To establish such a Media Literacy Network for South-East Asia and coordinate plans for further activities, there will be a constituting meeting at University Putra Malaysia (UPM) in December 2017.