First Run of the MOOC


This work package includes the first run of the MEDLIT MOOCs in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. These three national MOOCs address primarily different groups of stakeholders to strengthen the integration into the national systems and so push the sustainability of use. But as all of the MOOCs are hosted via the OpenLearning MOOC platform ( extended access will be no problem.

Malaysia, as a pioneer of national MOOCs will start with a full public MOOC experience, while Vietnam (AJC & USSH) & Thailand (CU & SWU) will start collecting experience with MOOC use as an additional resource for University courses in the beginning. The plan is to use the MOOC in Thailand as part of the General Information Literacy courses, giving access to a broad group of different fields and studies on study beginner’s level, while the MOOC in Vietnam will focus on more advanced studies in the field of media & communication.

Based on the experiences of this first full run further adjustments will be part of the MOOC Revision (WBS 6.5 MOOC Revision) activity. Further decisions on the future use and development should be made in coordination of the established Media Literacy Network.