Reflection Focus Group


This work package, that was originally planned as a space of reflection and documentation on occurring challenges for International Project collaboration, especially induced by locally different organization structures was transformed to carry out a more active role. To avoid such problems in the future, we decided that the Work Package [9 Quality Plan Change] will develop a tool (self-evaluation survey & handbook) for the future, that will help to identify such risks and challenges earlier, ideally already in the proposal phase.

To do so, the experiences and best practice of the project will be collected – the original role of the WP – but on the other hand, the causes will also be determined more clearly: This is done by a two-step approach. First by developing a survey – based on scientific and project management related literature –, secondly by coming together to discuss these problems in focus groups aside from the regular daily project business. The whole process will be supported by one of the external experts.

As the knowledge of the processes was concentrated at the UniVie Project Management team, they were assigned to lead the process / work package.