The Mid-Term-Meeting

Chulalongkorn University,
Bangkok 26.09. – 30.09. 2016

The meeting brought together two representatives of each partner institution in order to discuss the current status of the project, its way to go and to clarify requirements of the EACEA: During the week, the started and especially the upcoming work packages were discussed, the Mid-Term-Report was introduced and first ideas of how to write it were collected. The meeting combined a looking back to what has been done, reached and achieved and a looking into the future of how to ensure sustainability and dissemination at the individual partner universities.

Furthermore, the meeting focused on the ongoing Delphi Study. Each partner institution presented their field work and results in order to conclude Delphi Study Phase I.

A discussion about the needed equipment (Citizen Journalism Kit) for the E-Learning-Platform was started, supported by an explanation video (Prezi presentation) for correct equipment purchase by Kim Karen Gößling, and the first Change Board Meeting, including the planning of further steps and determining dates of activities, was held.


UniVie 4 Participants Fritz Hausjell, Thomas A. Bauer, Michael-Bernhard Zita, Fiona Slapota
OUNL 1 Participant Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema
ZU 3 Participants  Cornelia Wallner, Marian T. Adolf, Susan Alpen
CU (Host Institution) 4 Participants  Jirayudh Sinthuphan, Phansasiri Kularb, Wilairuck Suntikul, Metha Sereethanawong
SWU 2 Participants Thanakorn Thongprayoon, Krich Rajprasit
UMK 2 Participants  Suria Baba, Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad
UPM 2 Participants Ezhar Tamam, Sabariah Mohamed Salleh
AJC 2 Participants Vu Thanh Van, Bui Thu Huong
USSH 2 Participants Huynh Van Thong, Hoang Xuan Phuong


As the regarding Meeting marked the official mid-term of the project run time, the following points were planned to be discussed and agreed on:

  • Collecting ideas for the content of the official Mid-Term-Report,
  • Reminding of the proposed aims and talking about the current status of the project,
  • Clarifying the requirements of measurement and documentation by the EACEA,
  • Discussing the upcoming work packages and the consequential responsibilities and tasks,
  • Sharing ideas and ways of how to ensure sustainability and dissemination within the individual institutions,
  • Clarifying the correct process of equipment purchase,
  • Concluding the Delphi Study Phase I by bringing all results and experiences together in order to have the basis for Delphi Study Phase II,
  • Starting a discussion about the idea of follow-up projects, defining the institutional framework, and
  • Setting dates for upcoming events and deadlines.

General Outcome

According to the feedback after the meeting, the general results were:

  • A better understanding of the project’s aims, the work packages and the following responsibilities,
  • An individual sound perspective in the project and the reason, why joining it,
  • A shared concept of how to bridge the both Delphi Waves and the further procedure,
  • An intercultural exchange on the Delphi results and the way of conducting it.

Important Results

The workshop led to the following results:

  • Updated overview of the project status,
  • A clarification of the project’s aims and ways to achieve them,
  • Explanation video on correct equipment purchase (Prezi presentation by Kim Karen Gößling),
  • First draft of the Mid-Term-Report,
  • Conclusion of the Delphi Study Phase I,
  • National Presentations of the Delphi Phase I procedure and results,
  • Plan on the procedure of purchasing the E-Learning-Equipment.

Detailed Documentation

For detailed documentation of the Mid-Term-Meetung please go to:

DHUB (as this section is for MEDLIT members only, please login with your access data) > Downloads > 07_Documents according to Work Package Structure > 1 PREPARATION > 1.5 Mid-Term-Meeting