Research Talks Vienna

Media and Information Literacy Studies in Reference to Cultural Globalization and Media Change

Within the framework of the Research Talks of the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna, the Scientific Lead of MEDLIT, Prof. Thomas Bauer, presented the project and its theoretical background on June 20th. In his speech about “Media and Information literacy Studies in Reference to Cultural Globalization and Media Change”, he described the project’s role as a reaction to such a globalization. Prof. Bauer pointed out that the including partners are neighbors, but different in their social systems, culture and religions. Due to these differences and similarities an exchange of concepts, problem perspectives and educational programs responds to the border-transcending and globally standardized communication and interaction habits in frame of (social) media.

As the AJC Intensive Seminar and the Hanoi Media Days took place at the Department at the same time, we were glad to welcome representatives from our partner University in Hanoi, the Academy of Journalism and Communication, in the audience of this Research Talk.


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