My participation in MEDLIT project has great impacts on me both personally and academically. First of all, on the academic level, before joining the project, media literacy and Delphi study were not my topics of interest. When I was assigned to be in charge of designing a Delphi research on media literacy, which involved quite a few of partners inside and outside of the country, for the Vietnamese project component, I was so apprehensive. However, such a great challenge did not prevent me from teaching myself new knowledge and put it into good use. With the assistance and support from other members of the team, as much as that of the regional and international experts that I have received from the meetings and workshops, I did manage to design, facilitate the investigation and help gain necessary insights for the next project’s phase of MOOC development.

In addition, for my academic work as a lecturer at the Academy of Communication and Journalism, this experience has brought new ideas for my teaching and researching tasks. In essence, I have integrated a section on Delphi methodology in my current module on research design for undergraduate students and encouraged my students to do research on media literacy for their end of the course essays and/or dissertations. I am also thinking of an institutional award and/or exhibition presenting the best research ideas, initiatives and pieces of writing on media literacy in order to raise the awareness of lecturers and students in the matter.

On a personal level, encountering with many people of different backgrounds, personalities and expertise, who have, however, never ceased to show their devotion to anything to which they committed, has broadened my vision and given me a new frame of reference to make more sense of myself and the world around me. In a similar way, I have comprehended my responsibility and role in sustaining the project impact pertaining to the media literacy enhancement for the country development.

All in all, MEDLIT has been a journey of enlightenment for myself. Through it, I have become more aware of who I am, what I am meant to be and how I can contribute to construct a more inclusive, equitable, democratic and civilized society.