Joining the project from the very first stage, I noticed that there were many changes that the project brought to myself. More understanding, more confidence, more effort what the project gives me.

First of all, the project has enabled me to gain a lot of new knowledge, not only in the field of Media Literacy but also in other areas such as Delphi Research, MOOC design… I admire the clear, quick, effective way of thinking and implementation of the project – the “European style”. It’s so different from the projects in Vietnam that I have been involved before.

Thanks to this project I have the opportunity to meet and learn from other members of team Thailand, team Malaysia… Cross-cultural communication with open thinking to learn new things, to build better things, I am more confident myself as a Southeast Asian citizen.

The members of the project come from different universities, are from different professions, speak different languages ​​but everyone is talented experienced. Being involved in such a team is no less stressful. But these pressures have pushed myself to try harder in the future.

The best of the whole project were perhaps the “workshop trips”. The project has enabled all members to have study tours to different countries to learn, share, discuss and implement necessary work. Through each trip I was not only equipped with the expertise of the project, but also the cultural experience in the country.

I have become used to traveling more than ever before, preferring to meet many people, looking forward to learn more interesting things in different countries. Therefore, I remind myself to try harder, to improve myself with more knowledge and skills, especially foreign language.