In general, for myself, when approaching the project, I realized that the problem of enhancing communication capacity is extremely important. Previously, I would know about it but I did not really pay attention and did not spend much time on learning, understanding, applying and teaching students. The project helped me more to fully identify the ways to use communication as well as communication contents to apply into reality as well as teach students more effectively.

One of the great things about participating in the MEDLIT project for me was having the opportunity to learn and experience many things from the project’s work. Specifically:

  • MOOC was an opportunity for me to approach and make online lectures – modern teaching and learning methods that I really want to know, especially the MOOC model, a new model but it has great spread in the world. The knowledge and experience from doing MOOC will be very relevant for me with the training online project for the community in the future
  • At workshops, this was an excellent opportunity for me to gain new knowledge and practice more skills in enhancing communication capacity. I also especially liked to hear the experts and guests of the participating countries sharing about the forms of activities as well as the method of communication management in their country. These sharing sessions helped me broaden my vision of communication in the region and in the world.


The next great thing was that the MEDLIT project gave me a meaningful multicultural experience. Despite the language barriers when participating in the project, I had the opportunity to learn more about the way to work and the way to implement projects from member countries….

Finally, participating in the project helped me find some new research directions for the future. I hope that my viewpoints about future communication capacity will be useful to the community.