Through the MEDLIT project, I have gained new perspectives in eLearning which I’d never known or used before. Especially making a MOOC is very important for nowadays learning. I found that making a MOOC is not only a talking-head shooting but we also have to create presentation on MOOC as much as possibilities to encourage the learners to learn meanwhile the accuracy of content is important at the same level. This experience is very useful for me to teach how to produce an educational media in a course which I’m responsible for. By the way, I still have to learn and practice more for these skills.

I have also learned more about the power of media literacy in making a change in the society. Before joining the project, I knew a few things about media literacy especially in a critical way on media. But from the project, media literacy has more meaning more than the concept of including how to practice or how to produce media. Importantly, media literacy is a basic skill to improve an ethical mind for the society. Joining a media literacy project should make us have more sense of right or wrong. Can we trust anyone in this project?

The greatest difficulty I faced during the course of the project was to consolidate diverse experiences of participants and stakeholders. At the end, I just needed to learn to listen and to try my very best to find a commonality among differences. This is what I think should be the essence of intercultural cooperation. I have become more patient and receptive. Traveling might have been a little bit too exhausting for me, but I appreciate every minute of effort that we put into our work.