For me, the project has helped me improve the knowledge and the teaching methods in the process of teaching journalism. Before joining the project, I had a tendency of focusing more on theories and journalism practical skills. Now, I am instructing the students more on the side of media literacy and information evaluation. It is a logical shift because students need to be smart readers before they are going to be journalists. This tendency also has impacted on my research orientation which instead of focusing on academic theoretical dimensions, I am going to spend more efforts in understanding and researching the practical sides of the news consumptions of the public, for instance fake news.

Thanks to the project, I have learnt useful skills for teaching and researching, for instance the skill of teamwork, the skills of designing eLearning materials, the skill of lecturing and critical thinking.

Through this project, I have gained the faith in building competences for the public in media literacy as a driving force for social development in our contemporary context. I also have learnt from international colleagues about the professionalism in teaching and researching. I have been really impressed by the friendly, open and serious attitude of the partner countries of the project MEDLIT.