MEDLIT project has helped me change the way of thinking and working to be more active, self-confident and dynamic in order to update and learn new knowledge for researching and teaching. Taking part in this project has given me a great opportunity to get in touch with all parties involved, including the students, journalists, managers, and the media policy board, thereby allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of the reality of society and its demand for news and the teaching of news assessment.  As a result, modifications can be made to the lessons as well as to the direction of the research to better satisfy this need.
However, I have experienced some problems stemming from the fact that I only participated in part of the project and therefore didn’t fully grasp all the requirements and general overview. Furthermore, since a lot of time had to be spent on solving daily cases, I couldn’t devote myself entirely to the project to achieve the best outcomes possible. I wish to be more involved in the project and for the management to provide me with more assistance in terms of time or more cooperation when answering surveys.
Nevertheless, what I have gained from the project has been truly beneficial and useful. It has helped me refine my research and teaching work as well as improve my own news assessment skills.
The research findings from Delphi, the ways in which member countries conducted research, and especially the reflections on how the news media is operated, managed and received in Thailand, Malaysia, etc. are all valuable and beneficial knowledge that I have acquired from this project. Collaborating with different countries and undergoing training in these countries have given me a fascinating multicultural experience in terms of how to connect with the common values of all countries while at the same time maintaining my own country’s individual values. Therefore, I believe that more efforts should be made to foster cooperation, collaboration, exchange of teaching experience and media research between countries. One way to achieve this is through student or lecturer exchange programs.
In addition, establishing a network of media research and shared journalism is also of great importance. My newfound knowledge of media literacy has really reinforced my view of the role and power of the media to influence society. I myself have also seen significant improvements in my critical thinking and new assessment skills.