Through participating in many workshops and training sessions of the MEDLIT project, I had to change my understanding of communication and the role of communication itself (which I have not fully understood yet). I wrote on the website of the project: “MEDLIT helped me redefine the meaning of sharing. The project was also helping me with the methods of sharing and understanding. As a lecturer, MEDLIT gave me the opportunities to learn from my international colleagues, especially about MOOC skills”.

I also realized the important goal of MEDLIT: Everybody in the society is using and needs to use the communication wisely to improve his / her performance, to contribute to social change in a positive way.

And we, the ambassadors of the “Media Literacy Campaign” must find many ways to help the people in society change the way of communication, way of transmitting the message, and considered as it is one of the ways to improve the performance on the fields.

In the process of participating in the project, we had the opportunity to approach many scientists, colleagues of the countries in the region and the West, so I learned a lot of scientific knowledge through discussion and exchange. I was also trained in specific skills in the production of MOOC (from technical elements to rich content requirements in creating MOOC products).

Because of my age and my English is not really good, I also had difficulties when attending workshops, especially workshops on deep professional contents. I asked my colleagues what I did not know and read more documents.

The knowledge and experiences that I have acquired are added, quickly integrated into my current lectures and helped me – in the future – to participate in research on some phenomena in the life of Vietnamese communication easier. Personally, the word “communication” is teaching, and behaving in the family and colleagues of me also had changes since the deeper understanding of the communication. I set the rules for myself: human communication, communication from the heart (from the heart of truth).

Being a part in the Media Literacy project for me is a great blessing because it forced me to change my way of working and has given me a lot of research direction for the future.