I first joined the MEDLIT project in June 2016. Since then I have gained more knowledge about media literacy and awareness of how media can influence me and people around me. I am turning into a kind of person who is more aware of media messages and checks information from a variety of sources. However, this has an effect since the people surrounding me have very little awareness about media literacy. The people I particularly focused on are my parents. Nearly reaching their seventies but living in the world of technology, my parents are digital immigrants. They are so used to having a smartphone, a tablet and a computer. They have their own Facebook accounts and learn various things: commenting on their friends’ pictures and uploading their pictures on Facebook. My parents tend to believe what they see on the Internet and my mother once bought a medicine because she totally was convinced of its advertising. When trying to remind them of being misled, I ended up having an argument with them since they did not listen to my suggestions. Despite the fact that they need me to teach them many things about technology, they still trust their own critical thinking skills. The challenging part for me is to balance both parts: giving the information and giving it in a proper manner. In our culture, knowledge is always passed on from older generations to young ones. Arguing with the elderlies is considered as an inappropriate manner. What I did was trying to show many hoaxes spread on various types of social media to raise their awareness. Eventually, I think they have improved considerably. I pay more attention to other people around me: my family, my friends and my students. I really want them to be more aware of receiving online news and messages.

Apart from developing new habits, taking part in this project has brought me various valuable experiences. Firstly, this project has offered an opportunity to work with the lecturers from Malaysia, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Austria. Little did I imagine I would co-work with them and learn from their cultures, their work styles and their perspectives. Moreover, I learned a great deal from my teammates both in the same organization and the other universities. Working with these people is the most important experience for me. Sharing many trips with them and developing our MOOC together, I see myself clearer and I know what my strengths and my weaknesses are. Besides, visiting media organizations in many countries, I realize one common core value among them and it is being responsible for your society no matter how big or small a media organization is. Last but not least, what I gained from this project will be useful for myself and of course for the people around me.