Bui Thu Huong | AJC

My participation in MEDLIT project has great impacts on me both personally and academically. First of all, on the academic level, before joining the project, media literacy and Delphi study were not my topics of interest. When I was assigned to be in charge of designing a Delphi research on media literacy, which involved quite [...]

Vu Thanh Van | AJC

It is a great learning journey and opportunity for me to be part of the international media studies in media literacy program coordinated by University of Vienna and funded by the Erasmus+ Program. After two of a half years of working as the Vietnamese project manager, I have seen both the intensive and extensive development [...]

Nguyen Thi Van Trang | AJC

The project Media Literacy for Social Change has left a great impact in my life. Having a MA in Project Management, nevertheless, this is my first time participating in a Capacity Building Project in education. I had a chance to meet all professionals from regional and international universities, learn the management methods from Vienna coordinating [...]