Pijarin Sukhakul | CU

To participate in this project, I have worked in the animation and graphics section, which I think it is quite an important part of this project. I feel good about participating, but we should pay people who make graphics and animation because it takes a lot of time and specific skills. The difficulty in creating [...]

Salaithip Jarupoom | CU

The MEDLIT project confirms my belief that Media Literacy is universally important to our societies. The project provided a space for discussions about the validity of the existing concepts of media literacy. It gave me a new insight that media literacy is not only about individuals, but it must also be the concern of the [...]

Sarayut Kulrach | CU

As a media practitioner, MEDLIT project taught me to be more cautious of what I should create or share. I have become more mindful of the effect I would create in the society. I enjoyed listening to what speakers had to say even though I usually got lost along the way. My most precious memory [...]

Jatuporn Suwansukhum | CU

The MEDLIT project provided me with a new perspective for the future of learning. There are so much possibilities in eLearning and MOOC. Having met colleagues from different countries helped me to understand that Media Literacy is not a universal concept, but socio-culturally specific. Hence, it would be a good idea for the group to [...]

Wilairuck Suntikul | CU

When I first attended the lecture about Media Literacy project by Professor Thomas A. Bauer, MEDLIT Scientific Coordinator from University of Vienna, I found that it was interesting and I was eager to explore more about it. Honestly speaking, I must admit that media literacy was a little bit outside of my general interests, because [...]

Meta Sereethanawong | CU

Through the MEDLIT project, I have gained new perspectives in eLearning which I’d never known or used before. Especially making a MOOC is very important for nowadays learning. I found that making a MOOC is not only a talking-head shooting but we also have to create presentation on MOOC as much as possibilities to encourage [...]

Jirayudh Sinthuphan | CU

The sheer scale of the MEDLIT project might have been a little too much for me to handle, but at the end I have survived the process. It opened a new perspective for me about media literacy and eLearning. I was quite sceptical of eLearning and MOOC, but I now enjoy experimenting with it on [...]