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Reflection – MEDLIT




Supaporn Kulsitthiboon | SWU

I first joined the MEDLIT project in June 2016. Since then I have gained more knowledge about media literacy and awareness of how media can influence me and people around me. I am turning into a kind of person who is more aware of media messages and checks information from a variety of sources. However, [...]

Patricia Visser | SWU

From the view of a person who has never ever experienced the academic world of media and communication before, this MEDLIT project is a total new world for me. Joining this project has shaped me in many ways. First, this project provides a great opportunity of meeting and working with people from the other countries. [...]

Thanakorn Thongprayoon | SWU

Utmost importance of living peacefully with diversity and multi-culturalism is saliently discussed in society since the globe is becoming smaller and smaller, and we are at the present living in the world of technological advance. Borders become borderless. People with different backgrounds have more opportunities to share ideas, feelings, resources, and so on with others. [...]

Rosa Izyanie Shamshudeen | UPM

My journey in MEDLIT Project began back in 2016 when Prof. Ezhar Tamam appointed me as one of the team members. I am honored and excited to be part of this project, working with knowledgeable and experienced researchers. For that, I must thank Prof. Ezhar, to whom I owed this truly wonderful opportunity. The MEDLIT [...]

Phan Van Tu | USSH

Through participating in many workshops and training sessions of the MEDLIT project, I had to change my understanding of communication and the role of communication itself (which I have not fully understood yet). I wrote on the website of the project: "MEDLIT helped me redefine the meaning of sharing. The project was also helping me [...]

Le Thi Phong Lan

In general, for myself, when approaching the project, I realized that the problem of enhancing communication capacity is extremely important. Previously, I would know about it but I did not really pay attention and did not spend much time on learning, understanding, applying and teaching students. The project helped me more to fully identify the [...]

Huyhn Minh Tuan | USSH

Joining the project from the very first stage, I noticed that there were many changes that the project brought to myself. More understanding, more confidence, more effort what the project gives me. First of all, the project has enabled me to gain a lot of new knowledge, not only in the field of Media Literacy [...]

Nguyen Van Ha | USSH

For me, the project has helped me improve the knowledge and the teaching methods in the process of teaching journalism. Before joining the project, I had a tendency of focusing more on theories and journalism practical skills. Now, I am instructing the students more on the side of media literacy and information evaluation. It is [...]

Trieu Thanh Le | USSH

MEDLIT project was a great opportunity for me to participate in designing and spreading the curriculum and online teaching content in the field of media literacy for the students in Vietnam. In the digitalized society nowadays, being able to access, to understand, to create, to evaluate and to disseminate the information appropriately is a vital [...]

Pham Duy Phuc | USSH

MEDLIT project has helped me change the way of thinking and working to be more active, self-confident and dynamic in order to update and learn new knowledge for researching and teaching. Taking part in this project has given me a great opportunity to get in touch with all parties involved, including the students, journalists, managers, [...]