Supaporn Kulsitthiboon | SWU

I first joined the MEDLIT project in June 2016. Since then I have gained more knowledge about media literacy and awareness of how media can influence me and people around me. I am turning into a kind of person who is more aware of media messages and checks information from a variety of sources. However, [...]

Patricia Visser | SWU

From the view of a person who has never ever experienced the academic world of media and communication before, this MEDLIT project is a total new world for me. Joining this project has shaped me in many ways. First, this project provides a great opportunity of meeting and working with people from the other countries. [...]

Thanakorn Thongprayoon | SWU

Utmost importance of living peacefully with diversity and multi-culturalism is saliently discussed in society since the globe is becoming smaller and smaller, and we are at the present living in the world of technological advance. Borders become borderless. People with different backgrounds have more opportunities to share ideas, feelings, resources, and so on with others. [...]

Wachirapong Yaemtui | SWU

Before joining the “MEDLIT-International Media Studies: Media Literacy as a Media Competence Program for Social Change” under the campaign “Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Higher Education”, I haven’t realized how media can affect the society in overall.  This has been changed after I attended the project; I now understand the effects of media on our society [...]

Krich Rajprasit | SWU

Based on my experience in taking part in MEDLIT project since 2016, I have found and learnt a new interest in the area of academia. First of all, this project and all the events affect me in terms of how to achieve academic collaborations between university partners, and our team members, how to manage time [...]