Thinking of the Future

The MEDLIT project can be seen as a kick-start for potential future projects that will carry on the ideas and activities implemented in this project. In order to make this aim possible it is important to strengthen connections and collaborations between the project partners as well as between partners and stakeholders. Therefore, the Asian partner institutions created contact with stakeholders in the field of media literacy to integrate their opinions and importance in social change.

Another pillar in the strategy to assure sustainability is already based in the proposed MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). The Asian project partners will generate the MOOC’s content and a first test run will be carried out within the project run time of two years.

To raise awareness that goes beyond the partners and reaches possible other stakeholders, our project has a detailed dissemination strategy that includes two websites, one internal website within the web presence of the University of Vienna ( and this one, which is independent from any partner institution. Parallel to the website, the project is visible on different social media channels.

Through all these different aspects the project tries to shape a platform for future activities and ideas that go beyond this project’s run time. In order to make such plans for future projects possible and discussable a Media Literacy Network will be established.